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History of Golf

Golf is one of the oldest sports that is still regarded as being extremely popular in the world today. A large emphasis is placed upon the United States and United Kingdom for tournaments and majors, with the PGA Tour and European Tour both huge seasonal events.

Golf in its current form has been dated back as far as the 12th century, however some scholars believe that features of the sport can be traced to the early roman game of paganica. Throughout its lengthy history, the game has changed dramatically, with rules, tours, and championships all becoming an integral part of professional golf.

Although golf is thought to have originated in the United Kingdom – Scotland, to be exact – it is the Americans who have been dominating the championship tours in recent decades. That’s not to take away, however, from the fact that players from all over the world have claimed numerous major titles over the years. Some of the best players in the world have originated from different parts of the globe, from South Africa to Argentina to New Zealand.

Professional golf is currently resided over by two major governing bodies, with the R&A looking after United Kingdom and European events, while the USGA concerns itself with matters in North America. However, tournaments in South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa also take place each calendar year.

For the past century, there have been four major tournaments held every year for PGA Tour competitors. The Masters is the first major of the season and is always played at the Augusta National Golf Club. The next championship event is known as the US Open, and is played across a range of the finest courses in North America. The Open Championship, or British Open as it is known outside of the UK, follows shortly after, and is the only major to be held outside of the United States. Finally, the PGA Championship rounds off a quartet of majors at the end of the PGA Tour.

Some of the most recognizable faces in sport are, or have been, professional golfers. Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, and Gary Player, just to name a few. But perhaps the most famous of all professional golfers is the phenomenal talent of Tiger Woods, who is intent on surpassing Nicklaus’s record of winning a staggering 18 major championships; Woods currently has 14 to his name. For more information on the best golfers of all time, take a look at our Top 10 Golfers of the Modern Era article.

Thanks to the increased success of golf over the centuries, golf fans can now enjoy betting opportunities at the very best online sportsbooks. To learn more about the types of bets you should expect when engaging in online golf betting, take a look at our in-depth golf gambling page.

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