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Serie A League

Serie A is Italy's highest-tier of football, and boast some of the richest, and most famous clubs in the world. Alongside the English Premier League, Spain’s Primera Division, and Germany’s Bundesliga, Serie A sits atop all other football leagues as one of the top four competitions in Europe.

Founded in 1929, the UEFA –governed league hosts the top 20 clubs in Italy each season from August to May. Similar to most football leagues across Europe, Serie A works on a promotion-relegation format with Serie B. At the end of each season the three lowest ranked teams from Serie A are relegated, and the top three clubs in Serie B are promoted. In total, 61 different teams have competed the Serie A league over its 77 seasons. Internazionale – who took out their fourth consecutive Serie A title in 2009 - is the only club to have played in every season.

Italy are not only the World Champions after winning the 2006 World Cup in Germany, they also flaunt three of the most successful football clubs in European history. Inter, AC Milan, and Juventus have all won at least two Champions League titles and two Intercontinental Cups – each – in the past 50 years.

Not only do some of the finest clubs dwell in Italy, many of the world’s best players compete in Serie A, such as Ronaldinho (AC Milan), David Trézéguet (Juventus), Francesco Totti (Roma), and Patrick Viera (Inter) just to name a few.

But with great talent comes even greater wages. AC Milan, Juventus, Roma, and Inter are all ranked within the top 15 richest football clubs in the world, with AC Milan the most valuable, worth almost one billion US dollars.

While the three largest teams in Italy have dominated the league over the past decade, Serie A has had 17 title winners in total, with six of those clubs no longer even playing in the higher echelons of Italian football.

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