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NCAA Basketball - Final Four Winners

Final Four is a term most often used in college sports leagues, specifically in the United States. For basketball, it refers to the semi-finals and final of the NCAA Division I college basketball championship. The tournament sees the top four teams facing off against one another for the chance to be crowned champions of college basketball.

The league winners of each four regions progress to the Final Four stage of the competition, where they compete in the national semi-finals on Saturday before the championship is played on Monday.

Prior to 2004, there were many complaints about the way the Final Four teams were seeded; more often than not it was claimed that the two best teams in the tournament faced one another in the semi-finals rather than the championship match. Since that time, rank which is established prior to each tournament has played an integral role in determining the seeds of each team.

From 2011 onwards, the NCAA tournament will expand once again, with 68 teams competing for the chance to lift the trophy. In order to accommodate this expansion, four play-in games will be played prior to the start of each tournament.

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