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NBA Spread Betting

Point spread betting is undoubtedly the most popular type of wager in basketball, even more so than the money line. Incorporating handicapping, the point spread offers an excellent way to win big on every basketball match, and the best online bookies even have their own oddsmakers that determine the spread of each match.

Online sportsbooks set the line on a match by predicting how many points a particular team will win the match by. As an example, letís say that the LA Lakers were taking on the Chicago Bulls. Playing at home, and with a good string of wins behind them, the Lakers are tipped as favorites for a victory. The point spread could sit at something like -10.5, which ultimately means that the Lakers are expected to win at home by 11 points or more. For a punter win on such a point spread, the Lakers would need to win by 11+ points.

In a situation such as this, the Chicago Bullsí would therefore have a point spread of +10.5. If you made a bet on such an option, the Bulls would need to finish the match within at least 10 points of the Lakers in order for you to earn a payout.

Handicapping plays an important role in setting the point spread, so for more details on how this information is sought, take a look at our basketball handicapping article.

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