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Any fan of online sports betting will have at least a vague understanding of how the money line works. And while it isn't as popular as the point spread,plenty of basketball punters enjoy the money lineís simplicity over complex point spread handicapping.

Money line betting is extremely easy: you bet on the team you believe will win the match. Online sportsbooks determine the money line odds prior to a match, although if injuries or team changes occur the odds are likely to fluctuate. The team odds can change dramatically from game to game, with betting trends playing a part in how the bookie sees each teamís chances of winning.

Letís say that the Boston Celtics were facing off against the New York Knicks in Boston. With a home advantage and a good run of wins behind them, the Celtics are favorites to win this fixture; the money line would look something like this:

  • Celtics: -400 | 1.25 | 1/4
  • Knicks: +230 | 3.30 | 23/10

As you can see, all three variations of odds (American, decimal, fractional) are included in this example, although depending on where you reside there will often be one main type at your chosen online sportsbook. If you were to wager on the Celtics to win the match, you would have to risk $400 in order to potentially gain $100. Conversely, if you picked the Knicks for an away upset, then a $100 punt could see you collect $230 in winnings if they managed to pull it off.

For more information on how the odds work, or if you are interested in converting particular odds to American, decimal, or fractional, you can use our very own odds conversion calculator.

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