Online Sports Betting

Handicapping in Basketball

Handicapping is an interesting variable in the online gambling industry, and it can have a huge affect on whether a punter wins a bet or not. While online sportsbooks have their own in-house oddsmakers that will study form guides and determine the handicaps, it is still an interesting point to acknowledge for fans of online basketball betting.

Prior to online gambling, or if you wager on sports through non-online means, punters had to form their own methods for picking the best games to bet on. Research is integral to handicapping, and online sportsbooks hire the very best in the business to do the job.

One of the most important features of handicapping a game is following the betting trends that have already been established. Let's say that a basketball team managed to cause an upset against a favored opponent. This generally means that that particular team is susceptible to an unexpected loss or letdown in their next fixture. Another element often incorporated into handicapping is the away game curse; meaning that the more matches a team plays on the road, the less chances they have of producing a victory.

There are literally hundreds of different betting trends that you can research, however if you prefer to enjoy the simplicity of online basketball betting, you can leave the heavy lifting up to the experts.

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