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Brooklyn Nets
Chicago Bulls

Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls Overview

Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls

The rivalry between the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls has always been quiet close with the Bulls only gaining the upper hand in the 1990s when they were led by Michael Jordan. The Bulls beat the Nets in the first round of the 1998 NBA Playoffs on the way to their sixth NBA Championship in eight years.

Nets vs Bulls - NBA Schedule 2012/2013

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Saturday December 15th @ United Center
Friday February 1st @ Barclays Center
Saturday March 2nd @ United Center
Thursday April 4th @ Barclays Center

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Head to Head Record

Brooklyn Nets: 66
Chicago Bulls: 79

Points Scored

Brooklyn Nets: 14520
Chicago Bulls: 14773

Average Points Per Game

Brooklyn Nets: 100.1
Chicago Bulls: 101.9

Last 10 Meetings:

  • Brooklyn Nets: 97 - Chicago Bulls: 85
  • Chicago Bulls: 108 - Brooklyn Nets: 87
  • Chicago Bulls: 110 - Brooklyn Nets: 95
  • Chicago Bulls: 97 - Brooklyn Nets: 92
  • Chicago Bulls: 84 - Brooklyn Nets: 73
  • Brooklyn Nets: 96 - Chicago Bulls: 94
  • Chicago Bulls: 90 - Brooklyn Nets: 81
  • Brooklyn Nets: 127 - Chicago Bulls: 116
  • Chicago Bulls: 106 - Brooklyn Nets: 83
  • Brooklyn Nets: 103 - Chicago Bulls: 101

2012 Season Rankings:

Brooklyn Nets
Points Per Game: 18th
Rebounds Per Game: 12th
Assists Per Game: 13th
Points Allowed: 2nd

Chicago Bulls
Points Per Game: 24th
Rebounds Per Game: 8th
Assists Per Game: 6th
Points Allowed: 6th

Last Twenty Games Betting Statistics:

Straight Up: Chicago Bulls leads Brooklyn Nets 11-9
Against the Spread: Brooklyn Nets leads Chicago Bulls 11-9
Over and Under: Over leads Under 11-9
At Brooklyn (Barclays Center):
Straight Up: Brooklyn Nets leads Chicago Bulls 16-4
Against the Spread: Brooklyn Nets leads Chicago Bulls 14-6
Over and Under: Over even with Under 10-10
At Chicago(United Center):
Straight Up: Chicago Bulls leads Brooklyn Nets 12-8
Against the Spread: Chicago Bulls even with Brooklyn Nets 10-10
Over and Under: Under leads Over 11-9

Betting History Analysis

The best betting option in Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets games is betting on the team that is playing at their home court in both straight up and spread betting markets.

In the Over/Under points betting market the Over option has a slight advantage.

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