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Baseball Odds Line

The money line isn’t the only wager available for baseball punters. In fact, there are plenty of additional options you will find when betting at a reputable online sportsbook. Sports betting fans will know about the money line, point spread, futures, props, and plenty of other wagers. However, there is another type of bet that is extremely popular in baseball betting: the run line.

For anyone that has wagered on the NFL, you should immediately see a similarity between baseball’s run line and football’s point spread. The run line is used by bookies when a particular team is expected to win by a large margin, so usually one or two runs are subtracted from the score of the favored team. An example of a standard run line is as follows:

  • New York Mets: +1½ -150
  • San Francisco Giants: -1½ +130

Another feature of baseball betting that punters may not be aware of is how the pitcher affects the odds. Since the pitcher is integral to a team’s chances of winning, it is imperative that the bookies know who the starting pitcher will be prior to placing the odds. Since the skill and form of a pitcher changes from player to player, the money line will often fluctuate sharply if the first choice pitcher is injured or unable to play.

All other types of baseball bets are fairly standard across online sportsbooks. You will find internationals, futures, props, and sometimes even novelty bets – especially during the finals series. While not as popular as the money line or run line, these additional betting options are always good for a spot of fun during an intense game of baseball.