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College Football Gambling

College sports have always been popular throughout the United States. Whether itís college football or college basketball, the very best online sportsbooks provide a range of bets for you to take advantage of. While the NFL is considered the pinnacle of American football, NCAA football is the most important stepping stone into that league, hence its extreme popularity.

College football betting differs from NFL betting, not so much in terms of the actual betting itself, but in the understanding of the fixtures and format. For instance, unlike the 32-team NFL, the NCAA Division I FBS incorporates 120 teams, playing over a three-month regular season before a two-month playoff season of Bowl games. Thanks to this incredibly large pool of college franchises, betting on the NCAA can often look imposing to any newcomers. However, if you follow the sport and do your research, there is the potential to make big money on college football betting.

Setting Limits

Due to the excess of teams in the NCAA leagues, itís wise to be able to set limits for yourself when making a punt on college football. In many instances, college games offer spreads that verge into huge double digit numbers; in these cases itís bet to avoid placing a bet. Reserve your bets for a match that you feel confident wagering on, stick to your limits, and you will have no trouble collecting big wins on the NCAA.


Most online betting fans already have an insight into the sports that they wager on. In the case of NCAA football, it is integral to do a bit of research on the games once you pick them out. College football is considerably more dependant on stats like rushing, pass efficiency, and turnover margins. Looking into each teamís recent history and how their stats panned out in their last match could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Following the coaching staff is also a good idea for college football bettors. Itís no surprise that NCAA teams go through staff much quicker than NFL teams do, and if you are able to keep on top of the latest changes at each franchise you will have a much better understanding of how each team will fare in the coming weeks. Looking at the rankings is only useful to a certain extent Ė if a team sitting at the top of the tables has just recently lost their head coach, then youíd better believe that thereís a good chance they will falter in their next fixture.

For more information on why NCAA Football is so popular, be sure to take a look at the following college football guide.

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