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When you picture a slot machine in your mind, it is probably a classic, one-armed bandit with three reels. These were amongst the first slot machine designs, and the ones that filled the first casino floors. And, even as gambling has made the leap to the Internet, these classic games are still as popular as ever.

These games differ from their video slot counterparts in that they have separate reels. Traditionally speaking, classic online slots are digital versions of the early games. They have three reels and a single payline. Some are even designed to have that classic slot machine look. And, they usually feature a theme with such iconic slot symbols as cherries, BARS, and lucky 7s.

Though, online casinos have opened up these classic slots, offering a bit of variation. You can now find 3 and 5 reel games with as many different themes as you could imagine. They now offer up to 100 paylines or even six separate 3 reel machines in one game. There are even classic slots that offer extra bonus features, including the opportunity to win bonus cash and free spins. Rather than pulling a lever to spin the reels, online versions have a ‘Spin’ button. They also allow players a whole range of betting options. They can take anywhere from one to five coins with the value of the coin being adjustable. This means that these machines are suitable for all pocket sizes.

Though these games may have changed a bit, they are still as easy as ever to play. All you have to do to get in on these games is find an online casino to play at. To simplify your search, we are offering a list of the top online casinos out there. Choose one or two to try out, sign up, and get right to the slots section. Many of these online casinos will offer a section of slots that is dedicated specifically to classic slots.

You will immediately notice that the selection of slots seems endless, with themes to appeal to the most discerning of tastes. Pick one to get started. Once you are in the game, all you have to do is make a wager and hit the ‘Spin’ button.

If you are playing a 3 reel game with a single payline, all you have to do is set the value of your coins (if allowed) and choose how many you want to wager. Our advice is to wager all available, as it will generally activate the highest paying paytable.

If you are playing a 5 reel classic slot online, all you have to do is choose the paylines you want to play and how much you want to bet per line. Our advice is to play all paylines with a wager that is somewhere in the middle of the minimum and maximum per line. This way you will cover the whole board, which increases your chances of winning. Plus, you will bring in a decent amount of money with each spin without depleting your bankroll in just a few spins.

That is all there is to playing classic online slots! For more information on everything slots, check out the rest of our slots section as we are also offering guides on online slot tournaments, bonus slots, video slots, and much more.

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