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Bonus slots are some of the most popular types of slots available in online casinos. This is because this type of slots offers extra mini games within the regular classic slot or video slot game. They're known as bonus features or bonus games, and they offer players the opportunity to win even more cash while playing online slots!

While the chance to win extra prize money is definitely appealing, it's best to fully understand the games before you jump right in. If you've never played them, it can be a little confusing to be confronted by a new screen prompting you to play a completely different game in the middle of online slots! So, to help you familiarize yourself with these games, the following is a guide to all of the different types of bonus slot games.

There are two main types of online slot bonus games: on the reels and off the reels. Let's start with on the reels games, as they are the most basic type of bonus features. They happen within the slot game that you're playing, and usually revolve around special symbols or symbol combinations.

Free Spins

These are exactly as they sound - spins that require no wager. You earn these spins by spinning in a designated combination of symbols. In many cases, these free spins will also multiply any payouts earned during the spins. It's an excellent way to pick up some extra bonus cash.


This is a bonus that's triggered when you spin a specific combination of special symbols (such as scatters). If you trigger this bonus, certain symbols on the reels will be replaced with another symbol (such as a wild symbol) to help you create more wins.

Hold n' Spin

During this on the reels bonus feature, selected reels will stop while the others re-spin. This is done in an effort to create more winning combinations. This feature is often used in conjunction with Cascades or the Symbol Slide.

Wild Feature

This is a special symbol identified in the slot pay table that will replace all others (excluding scatters) to help you bring in more wins.

Symbol Slide

This is also a special symbol, usually a scatter or wild, that will slide down or across a full row of symbols to replace the entire reel. This will help you create more wins.

The second major type of online slots bonus games is known as an off the reels bonus game. These are very extravagant mini games that play out on a second screen. If these games are triggered, your slots game will be put on hold while you go to a new screen to play a game to earn bonus prizes such as cash, free spins, and multipliers. They feature brilliant animations and sounds, making them extremely popular.

Wheel of Fortune

This game was originally designed for the Wheel of Fortune bonus slot, though it has been adapted to suit other online slot games. It is pretty simple to play as all it involves is spinning a wheel full of prizes. The wheel will stop with an arrow pointing to the earned prize.


This is by far the most popular type of second screen slot bonus game. Of course, it's adapted to suit each game it's in, but the basic premise is always the same. When you trigger this game, you will be prompted to select from a number of icons on the screen. For example, if you are playing a pirate themed game, you may be prompted to choose from a selection of treasure chests. You will get a number of turns, depending on the combination of triggering symbols, with each one revealing a bonus prize. The game will end when you've used up all your turns.

Multi Level Pick-a-Box

This is another popular type of slot bonus game. It's exactly the same as the Pick-a-Box type of game, though it has multiple levels. So, after each selection, you will move up a level in which the prizes will get bigger. The game ends when you reach the top level.

Pick Until Pop

Finally, there are Pick Until Pop games. These are very similar to the Pick-a-Box games. You will be prompted to select from a number of icons to reveal a bonus prize. However, there's the addition of the 'pooper' or 'booby' icons that will end your turn if you happen to choose them. This means that you continue to make selections until you hit the wrong icon.

No matter what type of bonus game you trigger while playing slots, it's always a great way to pick up some extra cash. For this reason they are particularly advantageous while competing in slot tournaments. They're also plenty of fun and have become extremely popular among online slots fans as they give the games more depth.

So, with a better idea of what online slot bonus games are, get to one or our recommended online casinos to get started!

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