Online Gin Rummy

How Gin Rummy Is Played

In the game of Gin Rummy there are two important elements of the game, they are the draw and the discard. When play begins in Gin Rummy the two players are dealt 10 cards each and the rest of the deck is placed in the middle of the table between the two players. The cards placed in the middle are known as the stock pile, the top card of the deck is placed on the table face up and forms what is known as the open pile.

Once the game starts, players will take turns in taking a card from either pile and discarding a card from their hand into the Open Pile. Although taking a card from the open pile your opponent will be able to see the card that you picked up but if you take from the stock pile the card will only be known to you.

There are two different ways to win in a game of Gin Rummy and the Gin Rummy game ends as soon as someone has formed their cards into a set or a run and lays them on the table for their opponent to see. A player can only 'knock' if they have less than 10 points of 'deadwood'. When a player finishes the game in this manner, it is known as 'knocking'.

The second way of winning Gin is if a player manages to meld all their cards and has zero deadwood, instead of 'knocking' the player declares that they have Gin. When you win the game by 'going gin' you will earn a 25 point bonus in addition to the deadwood count of your opponent.

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