Online Duplicate Poker

Duplicate Poker

Duplicate poker is a variation of the worlds most popular card game Poker. Duplicate Poker is based on the principles of Duplicate Bridge, but it also involves some of the rules used for playing pot limit and no limit Texas Hold'em.

Duplicate Poker is a skill-based game in which there are two or more tables consisting of the same number of players with each table being dealt with an identically shuffled deck of cards.

Every player holds the same hand as the person seating in identical seats at other tables.

All players begin each hand with the ability to bet the same number of playing chips, regardless of prior performance in the previous rounds.

The object of Duplicate Poker is to win more chips than your opponents sitting in corresponding seats at other tables.

Ultimately, the winner is decided based on the total number of chips accumulated up until the end of the game, as compared with those held by all players in the same seats at the other tables.

Conceivably, even a player who loses chips overall can win at the game if that player loses fewer chips than his opponents.

There is a principal difference between playing standard poker, including its different variations, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, and others and that is the element of chance.

Since Duplicate Poker is played between players and the players sitting at their parallel seat in other tables, it decreases the element of chance and increases the element of skill.

Every player's performance is measured relatively to other players sitting in their parallel seat.

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