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When in Rome... Play at a casino with awesome graphics & a big bonus.

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Slot Machine at Rome Casino Casino
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Rome Casino

Easy To Use, Brilliant Casino Interface Featuring A Classic Roman Theme

  • Players from USA welcome!
  • Unique full screen gameplay
  • Awesome software graphics
  • 24/7 live chat Support

At a Glance

  • Good points: Great looking software design and slots, massive sign up bonus available for multiple deposits, lots of 3 reel slots to play as well as a good range of 5 reels, big progressive jackpot. Perfect for beginners, with built in tours, live chat directly available in the software and even built in strategy guides.
  • Things to improve: Very small collection of table games, no Craps, Baccarat or Casino Hold'em.
  • Bottom line: Rome Casino is great for high roller slots players and the software looks fantastic. Players of casino table games may not find much at Rome Casino, but slots players will surely have a ball.

Rome Casino History

Rome Casino has been operating since 2007 and in that time has gained a reputation for excellence. Rome Casino changed its software in 2008 to retain its American players and continues to support them.

Rome Casino Promotions and Jackpots

Progressive jackpots at Rome Casino are quite generous, but aren't the largest out there. Nevertheless, the jackpot is often in excess of $200,000. It's a rare gambler indeed who would sniff at that jackpot, so it should still be worth it for most players.

In terms of promotions, Rome Casino offers a special bonus to all depositors - an all expenses paid trip to Rome! All that is required is creation of an account and making a deposit. You then go in the running to win this fabulous holiday.

Rome Casino doesn't really offer any front page promotions, which is a bit of a shame. While the software is tastefully presented, making it a pleasure to play at, Rome Casino could at least offer a few more promotions or tournaments to add a bit of spice to things from time to time. At the time we reviewed this software we had only been a member for a short amount of time. Over time, Rome may offer us bonuses and promotions via email, however we have not experienced this by this point.

Rome Casino Bonuses

The deposit bonus of Rome Casino does not just apply to the first deposit - it can apply to the first 5 deposits made at Rome Casino. With 100% added to deposits of up to $500 on the first five deposits, new players at Rome Casino can potentially benefit from thousands of dollars more to play with. As Rome Casino specializes in slots games, this deposit bonus should go a long way for most new players and provide many more entries in the progressive jackpot slots that offer massive prizes.

Big bonuses can also be gained by using NETeller or Moneybookers as a deposit method. A 250% match up to $2,000 can be gained on a first deposit made with either of these e-wallets. This is a great idea, as the use of e-wallets allows for easier deposit and withdrawal of funds. Encouraging the use of e-wallets makes sense for everyone involved.

Rome Casino Available Games

Rome Casino offers a vast host of slots, but very little else. It only features a handful of table games, including Electronic Roulette, Roulette Crystal, Multihand Blackjack and Royale Blackjack.

The number of slots, and especially progressive slots, more than makes up for this, though. Most surprising is the sheer number of 3 reel slots, as many casinos prefer to offer more 5 reel slots. Rome Casino bucks this trend, and also offers far more options for a crack at the progressive jackpot than is usual for most online casinos.

64 slots, with 31 kinds of 3 reel slots, 16 kinds of 5 reel slots and 17 progressive slots should be plenty of variety for any dedicated slots gambler to play through. Unusually, these legions of slots are not accompanied by a comparable number of video poker games, with only 4 video poker variations featured.

Rome Casino is definitely designed for maximum appeal to slots players. This should be great news to slots players, but it does limit any appeal to casino table game players.

Rome Casino Software Features

The Rome Casino software is incredibly well presented, but it does suffer from a few usability issues. First of all, those running their screen at a low resolution will need to increase it in order to run the Rome Casino software. This will not be an issue for many people, but those working on a small laptop may need to use a larger additional monitor.

That's not the only issue with the Rome Casino software, but so many of its faults can be forgiven due to its exquisite presentation. Honestly, it has to be the most attractive software of any online casino, hands down. Think the kind of classy casino experience presented in movies. The support chat is integrated smartly into the design, as well, so help is always only a few keystrokes away.

Unfortunately, the resplendent opulence of the Rome Casino software does mask a few usability issues. Now, while this may be a personal problem, it can be annoying having to click on everything before seeing it. Most casino software will bring up options and details when the mouse is hovering over a game or category. Rome Casino software requires you to click on the game type in order to see a list, and then you need to click on a game in order to see detail. After that, you push the play button to get the game loading. Yes, it's a niggling issue, but when you're first browsing through the slots it gets annoying having to click all the time.

Also, when you have a game selection screen open in the lobby, you must close it in order to access the cashier button at the bottom of the screen. Again, it isn't a big thing, but it is annoying enough to cause unnecessary frustration for something that could so easily be different.

Having said that about the small usability issues, there are many smart things that the Rome Casino software does well. Most useful is tabbed gaming. Just like in a Web browser, Rome Casino opens tabs for you to switch between when you load a game. You can play games of roulette, blackjack and slots all at once in different tabs, and go back to the lobby to choose a new game to play as well.

What really makes a difference to the Rome Casino software experience is the sound. There are a number of music options to choose from, all classy and actually quite relaxing. Most people will probably find them grating after a number of hours, but that the sound can be enjoyed for even a few minutes is unusual. Many online casinos have such awful music that several seconds of listening to it will make a player regret having ears.

Overall, it has to be said that the software is excellent, making the few weaknesses in it infuriating. It might not be the best software available, but it certainly is the most lavishly presented.

Rome Casino Accepted Players

Rome Casino accepts players from all countries other than Israel. Indeed, it has gone to great lengths to ensure that it can accept players from as many jurisdictions as possible, though it leaves players the responsibility of making sure they adhere to any laws of the jurisdiction they live in.

Having said that, Rome Casino is effectively restricted to players with a reasonable understanding of English, as the site and software is all written in English. Considering how little writing is often necessary in casino software, it is always surprising when multiple languages aren't supported. This could be more of an issue with the support service, as few casinos can offer support in the language of every potential player.

Rome Casino Multi Player Options

Rome Casino is short on multi player options, not holding tournaments or offering multi player games. This is a bit disappointing, as the effort that has clearly gone into the design of the software suggests that Rome Casino could potentially offer an incredible multi player experience. It does seem like the software is waiting for continued additions, however, so multi player features may be added in the future.

Rome Casino Player Rewards

There aren't really any player rewards at Rome Casino other than the potential to win a holiday to Rome. Only a handful of online casinos offer player reward programs, though, as such bonuses are normally only found on poker or bingo sites.

Rome Casino and its affiliate program are quite young, so it is again entirely possible that rewards will become available in the future. For now, though, the main advantage really is the superior presentation of the software and the sheer number of slots offered.

Rome Casino Deposit & Cashout Options

Rome Casino allows for many different deposit options, such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, Diners Club, Click2Pay, Moneybookers and NETeller. Wire transfers are also possible, though they take far longer to be processed.

As was mentioned before, Rome Casino encourages the use of e-wallets such as NETeller and Moneybookers. This is because while initial set up of an account can be difficult, using e-wallets makes for easier deposits and withdrawals in the long run. NETeller in particular is useful, as it provides the fastest method of withdrawal from Rome Casino.

Withdrawal can be made via NETeller, check or wire transfer. NETeller is the best option, as wire transfer has a fairly high minimum amount and an service cost. NETeller is also preferable to checks, as they take a long time to post, a delay that is unlikely to appeal to many players.

Those who do decide to use NETeller can benefit from a better deposit bonus than usual, so anyone considering signing up with NETeller to fund their online gambling could find it worthwhile to sign up with Rome Casino as well.

Rome Casino Support

Rome Casino support is available 24/7 via phone, email or chat. The chat support is especially useful, as it is smartly integrated into the software in a discreet sidebar.

The support service is responded to quickly and there are people ready to help. Whether lost players cannot work out how to install the software or if they have any other problem, the support service is ready to help. Support like this is becoming fairly common among the better online casinos, but it is still a mark of the best casinos rather than just the run-of-the-mill ones.

Rome Casino Management & Integrity

Rome Casino is licensed for business in Costa Rica. The software used by Rome Casino is Top Game, which is very exclusive, only used by a handful of online gaming venues.

Rome Casino is a fairly young player, which often leads people to be suspicious, so it endeavors to operate with the utmost integrity. Its strong support of e-wallets is a sign of how serious Rome Casino is about remaining trustworthy.

Rome Casino Things to Improve

Rome Casino would improve greatly with the addition of more table games and multi player. Less clicking in order to access information about games would be appreciated as well. Support for a wider range of resolutions could minimize initial frustrations with the software.

Really, there are just a handful of fairly minor issues with Rome Casino. A few minor tweaks could make a world of difference that could put Rome Casino on top.

Rome Casino Overall Rating

Anyone who is after a big selection of slots and stunningly attractive software will certainly enjoy playing at Rome Casino. People who play table games don't have many options, though, and multi player games are nonexistent.

Nevertheless, everyone should download Rome Casino software to at least take a look at how good looking it is. Most people who give the software a try will probably deposit some money shortly after, as it's an online casino you won't want to leave.

  • Bonus Amount: $5000 FREE, 100% bonus up to $1000 for your first five deposits
  • Established Year: 2007
  • Software Provider: Top Game
  • Jurisdiction: Costa Rica
  • Currency:
  • Software Language/s: English
  • Windows Compatible: Download version for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95
  • Linux Compatible: No
  • Mac Compatible: No
  • Download Size: 360kB
  • Download Time: 5 Seconds (ADSL Connection)
  • No Download Version: No
  • Support: 24/7 via Email, Phone, Live Chat
  • Deposit Options: Major Credit Cards, Citadel, myCitadel, NETeller, Click2Pay and Wire Transfer
  • Withdraw Options: NETeller, Check and Wire Transfer
  • Does not accept players from: Israel.
  • Download Rome Casino Software

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