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Most online casinos are offering slot machine tournaments, as special events and also as long-running fixtures. These tournaments are an ingenious way of turning the usually solitary game of internet slots into an online community experience, making these fun machines even more entertaining.

The internet casino selects a number of their slots as designated tournament machines and points are earned by playing on these selected slot machines. Usually, the casino also announces a specific timeframe for the online slots tournament.

These timeframes can vary enormously; some internet slot machine tournaments are running for just hours, others span days, weeks and even months. Often the prize of the tournament depends on the length of the tournament, with long-running contests awarding higher jackpots or cash prizes than their briefer counterparts.

Why play in an online slots tournament?

During a internet slot tournament, participating players play as much as possible on the designated machines to better their standing on the leader board. The winning conditions can vary from tournament to tournament. Some reward the player with the most winnings earned during the duration of the contest, others favour the players who have spent the most money on the selected slot machines.

In most cases, there is an entry fee which depends largely on the scale of the tournament and the prize pool at stake. As soon as players have registered as a participant in an internet slot tournament, they usually receive a small number of starting credits to start their ascent on the leader board. However, some online casinos offer slot machine tournaments that do not require an entry fee; these are known as Freerolls and are usually not advertised as actual tournaments. Technically, Freerolls do not qualify as tournaments, as they don't charge an entry fee, but they are still one of the best chances to win big by spending little at online casinos.

Most online slot tournaments offer an option known as a 'Rebuy', which allows partaking players to buy extra credits off the internet casino once their starting credits run out in order to keep them in the competition. Tournaments with strict time limits offer their own version of the Rebuy, allowing players to literally buy themselves more time to play on the selected slot machines.

Pay-outs to be expected from online slot tournaments are widely varied. Some tournaments offer a progressive jackpot - derived from a base amount offered by the internet casino and a percentage of the stakes placed by participating players - that will pay-out at a random moment at the end of the tournament. Often the prizes are classic material goods: internet slot tournaments give away cars, entertainment packages and holidays; or award huge amounts of free credits to use at the participating casino.

While the majority of online slot tournaments are so-called 'scheduled tournaments' meaning they require registration, have a limited number of entrants and are played at specific times; there is also a more spontaneous option, known as the Sit'n'Go (SNG) tournaments. SNG tournaments are a great way for slot machine fans with limited time to be a part of the tournament culture.

SNG tournaments are micro slot machine tournaments running for 5 to 15 minutes and are limited to about five players. For a 'buy in' (entry fee) of $2 to $25, depending on the prize at stake, these players can enter into the mini tournament and leave a quarter of an hour later with their need for adrenalin fulfilled and, in the case of the top two players, fantastic prizes.

Below is a table of the upcoming online slot tournaments that will be available for you to play at your favorite online casino. Slot tournaments can sometimes have a $0 entry fee with a well priced re-buy into the tournament. These tournaments are great fun and we recommend them to all our visitors.

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