Roulette Bets & Payouts

Roulette, as with all online casino games, has a potentially lucrative payout system for players who possess skill and a touch of luck. While simple to learn, roulette has a number of complex betting systems involved, so if you are keen to learn more about the game, take a look at our Roulette Rules and Table Layout pages.

There is a huge selection of bets available for players in roulette - whether European or American - and the payout range adjusts according to the probability of each option occurring. For example, a wager on a single number is going to have much larger payout odds than that of a more common bet, such as betting on Red.

The following is a list of bets that can be made when playing roulette with their corresponding payouts. Note that some of these bets will not be available when playing European roulette, as the 00 slot is not present.

Another small point to mention is that neither 0 nor 00 are included in the Odd or Even bets, so wagers on either of these options will result in a loss if the roulette ball lands on zero or double zero. For more information on how to start playing online roulette, take a look at our Play Roulette article.

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