Tabasco Slot Machines

Tabasco-themed slot machines may seem a little left-field at first consideration; but that did not stop them from rising to tremendous popularity in Las Vegas game rooms. Perhaps the culinary thrills delivered by this super-hot treat for lovers of chillies and the infamous Bloody Mary are mirrored by the crazed excitement you feel every time you find yourself engrossed in the spinning wheels of a Tabasco slot machine. In any case, the Tabasco slot machines rise to fame is yet another success story in the world of slot machines.

What attracts people to Tabasco Slots?

The first Tabasco slot machines sported five reels and twelve paylines. While it featured very few special features and fairly standard symbols on the reels, there was one major perk which perpetuated the fame of the Tabasco slot tremendously: a 200,000 coin maximum payout. Impressed with the success of the original machine, developers brought out a new line of Tabasco-themed slot machines, known as Chez Tabasco Slot Machines. Also featuring five reels but hamming it up with twenty paylines, the Chez Tabasco machines offer a maximum payout of 400,000 coins and the added excitement of multipliers and free spin opportunities.

If Tabasco slot machines have rocked your world in land-based casinos, you will be pleased to hear that they have spilled over onto the net. Things are about to get hot-hot-hot in your favourite online casinos with these great Tabasco-inspired online slots!

Red Chilli Hunter

How hot can you go? In this piping online slot adventure you can spin the reels till your eyes water, chasing a row of red chillies, which are the highest paying symbol in this machine. With three reels and a single payline, this online slot may be basic, but it delivers fun and thrills nonetheless.

For a payout of 6,000 coins maximum, you get to spin not only the chillies but also BARs, sombrero hats and cacti. The Red Chilli Hunter may not be the freshest kid on the block but it definitely brings the heat.

Tres Amigos

The Tres Amigos online slot pays tribute to the marvellous country of Mexico, famous for its spicy food and spicy natives.

To get your hands on the maximum payout of 2,500 coins, you will spin red peppers, green peppers, maracas and refreshing cocktails - hosting your own party, Cancun-style.

The symbols to really look out for on this three-reel, single payline machine are the three amigos themselves - it's these little guys that'll get you the big payout every time.

Hot Chillies

This three-reel single payline machine combines classic slot machine elements with the zing of the Tabasco-themed machines.

To get your hands on the maximum payout of 1,600 coins you will spin BARs, lucky cherries and bells; but also handle red chillies, green chillies and a red-faced chilli eater.

Hot Chillies offers you nostalgia right alongside with new generation thrills.

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