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The King of Rock'n'Roll ruled the world of music during his lifetime; now, from the afterlife, he rules the world of slot machines. Elvis-themed slot machines are just as popular with gaming fans as Elvis records are with music aficionados.

A character as colourful as the iconic Elvis lends itself to the slot machine tradition to great effect. The trouble with task of adorning reels with symbols associated with Elvis is not a lack of material by any means, much rather a struggle to choose from seemingly endless options. Elvis slot machines feature spinning pink Cadillacs, microphones, the gates of the King's beloved Graceland, teddy bears, fool's gold sandwiches and several incarnations of Elvis Presley himself. Sentimental fans of Elvis will love the Photo Memories feature of these machines, which reveals bonus prices hidden under photographs of Elvis in many stages of his life and career. The Elvis Slots also offer what is known as a Rockin' Respin and several multiplier opportunities.

What attracts people to Elvis Slots?

Naturally, online casinos have created a number of Elvis-themed online slots so you can enjoy some of that Rock'n'Roll entertainment whenever you feel the urge. To make your selection process easier, we have found you the online Elvis slots that will put the most swing in your pelvis and a greasy shine in your locks.

Rock N Roller

This three-reel online slots is cool for many reasons.

Firstly it is designed to look like an old-school jukebox, paying homage to Elvis on all levels.

To win up to 150 coins you get to spin harmonicas, drums, guitars and platinum records - and your chances are great, as this machine sports five paylines.

No Rock'n'Roll rebel can walk past this great online slot without giving it a red hot spin.

Rocking Robin

We all know and love the song - and now the online slot to match this nostalgic evergreen has come to join the party.

Sporting five reels and 25 paylines, the Rocking Robin is a true slot machine spectacular.

The symbols on this barrel of rocking laughs include guitars, drums and - of course - the rocking robin. The maximum payout can be up to 500 coins.

Special as it is, the Rocking Robin also offers bonus features, such as free spins and a wild symbol.

Rock The Boat

Rock The Boat is the true classic amongst the Elvis online slot machines.

It offers a massive payout of 1,600 coins and features three reels and a single payline.

The symbols celebrate Elvis to the end: you get to spin guitars, Bars and Elvis himself, rocking your way to the top and the cashier in proper vintage style.

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