Double & Triple Diamond Slot Machines

Double Diamonds is perhaps the best known slot machine of all time. Developed in the early 80s the Double Diamonds are still compulsory stock for every self-respecting games room. In fact, the Double Diamonds are such a player magnets their makers have created a fresh version, Triple Diamonds, which is also tremendously popular.

What attracts people to Double & Triple Diamond Slots?

Visually these two games are everything you want in a slot machine. The symbols are classical and clear - the reels are adorned with diamond symbol s, bars, cherries and lucky sevens. The Diamond machines, whether Double or Triple are in a way the quintessential slot machines. Whenever a slot machine appears on film, for example, especially when the scene requires the winning of a jackpot, you can be pretty sure the slot machine you see on the screen is of the Diamond variety.

As they take diamonds as their central theme, it is only fair that Double and Triple Diamond slot machines offer very high pay-outs on their winning combinations. While a line of diamonds obviously brings home the highest value; which is not to say that the other symbols have no value of their own. In addition, Double Diamond slots traditionally feature a multiplier symbol and the 'pay or play' bonus option. Triple Diamond slots surprise you with their Bonus Wheel second screen bonus - which is essentially a 'Wheel of Fortune' themed bonus round.

Considering the great success of Diamond-themed slot machines in land-based casinos, it is no wonder that versions of this beloved classic are spreading across internet casinos like a sparkling wildfire. We have collected some of the best online Double and Triple Diamond Slots for you, so you too can be part of this iconic gaming experience.

Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal is a three-reel, single payline game - truly keeping things in the classic tradition - and offers massive wins when the cherries, diamonds, lucky sevens and bars play their part right.

As if a top pay-out of 3000 coins was not enough, Diamond Deal also offers a wild symbol which can replace all others, and a crazy bonus round to heighten your chances of a jackpot even further.

If you are looking for the authentic Diamond feeling with a slightly modern twist, Diamond Deal will quickly become your new favourite online slot.

Diamond Mine Deluxe

As the Diamond Deal online slot, Diamond Mine Deluxe is mainly a tribute to the land-based Double Diamond and Triple Diamond machines.

With three reels and a single payline, buzzing with the traditional diamond, cherry, lucky seven and bar symbols, this online slot is so easy to play even first timers will have a great time immediately.

With a little luck you might have your pay-out doubled by one of the Diamond Mine Deluxe multiplier symbols - perhaps as much as the maximum pay-out of 3000 coins.

Diamonds Are Forever

Other than Diamond Deal and Diamond Mine Deluxe, Diamonds Are Forever offers three paylines along with its three reels.

While this breaks the tradition of the original Double/Triple Diamond machines, it does give the player a higher chance of hitting the jackpot.

Diamonds Are Forever offers a maximum pay-out of 6000 coins for rows of straight diamonds; however, there are bell, lucky seven and bar symbols that will also show you the money.

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