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Cleopatra is hailed to this day as one of the most alluring and enigmatic figures in history. From her alleged affair with Marc Anthony to the fascination the Queen of Egypt still holds for historians and Egyptologists; Cleopatra is definitely a character to be reckoned with. Before too long, land-based casinos clued in and developed a slot machine to thrill even the most hardened history buff - the Cleopatra Slot.

What attracts people to Cleopatra Slots?

The original Cleopatra slot machine was a five-reel and nine payline affair and has been a compulsory presence in Las Vegas gaming rooms ever since it hit the market. In fact, the first Cleopatra slot machine was so popular that developers created a follow-up machine, Cleopatra II. This game had five reels and twenty paylines and quickly exceeded its predecessor in terms of popularity. Still, the machines are fairly similar when it comes down to symbols and features. Both slot machines will dazzle you with their spinning sphinxes, golden tablets and - naturally - hieroglyphics and Cleopatra herself. Sphinxes, scarabs and Cleopatra can earn you free spins, which can triple your payouts.

Considering the immense following the land-based Cleopatra slot machines have attracted throughout their time, it is no surprise that online casinos are now providing spin-off machines with similar themes. Check out these Online Cleopatra Slot Machines, your inner historian will not be disappointed.

Cleopatra's Pyramid

Oriented towards the land-based Cleopatra II this great online version of the game features 5 reels and 20 paylines.

Like the real pyramid it holds unknown treasures, like a maximum payout of 10.000 coins; and unknown adventures like a wild button, a scatter feature, the chances of free spins and second screen bonus features.

All in all, Cleopatra's Pyramid is about as action packed as the medium of online slots allows. The funky new age hieroglyphs will keep you engaged and entertained as you keep spinning.

Cleopatra's Gold

Cleopatra's Gold is one of the most popular slot machines currently on the net.

This 5-reel, 20 payline adventure invites you on a quest for the Egyptian Queen's lost treasure.

With two jackpots, one of them worth 10,000 coins, enticing hieroglyphs and pyramids to guide you on your way, this machine is sure to get your heart rate up.

The bonus features included in this wild online adventure are multipliers, scatter and wild buttons and a free spin feature for the bravest explorers.

Cleopatra's Coins

This game takes a very innovative approach to the traditional Cleopatra theme when it comes to design.

Instead of the typical Egyptian inspired symbols this machine spins coins adorned with the profiles of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, featuring some love-triangle payouts that will get you passionate about this ancient scandal.

The machine also features wild, scatter and free spin (up to 100 free spins await the lucky winners) features as you travel through this historical world of intrigue and betrayal.

A bonus screen invites you into Cleopatra's boudoir, where ancient vases hide a variety of bonus prizes.

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