Beverly Hillbillies Slot Machines

The story of the Beverly Hillbillies, a merry bunch of yokels who make good and have to learn how to adjust to their newfound riches, lends itself as a slot machine theme like no other. Once this machine hit the floors in Vegas it became an immediate favourite with the players. The progressive jackpot and the swinging banjo tunes that accompanies the spinning reels makes the Beverly Hillbillies one of the most amusing slot machines of our time.

What attracts people to Beverly Hillbillies Slots?

The symbols you spin on the Beverly Hillbillies machine are nothing short of hysterical. The Hillbillies slot sends you on a mission to line up JD Clampett, Granny Clampett and the Jethro amongst others for a maximum payout of 30,000 coins. It also features two second screen bonus games: Cash for Crude and the Jethro Hunting Bonus. Cash for Crude will see you striking for oil in the role of Jed Clampett for the chance to win some serious bonus money; the hunting bonus takes you into the woods as Jethro to shoot yourself some dinner with a bow and arrow. The Beverly Hillbillies slots deliver one barrel of laughs after the other, as well as some truly lucrative wins.

Lucky for you, the original Beverly Hillbillies slot has inspired some fantastic online slot machines, which are ready to rock when you are.


Hillbillies Slot MachineLooking for a rags to riches tale?

Look no further.

The Hillbillies online slot machine invites you onto the porch to enjoy some road kill stew with the Clampett family; and gives you a chance to win as much as 5,000 coins in the process.

Spin the Clampett's shack, the hound dog and bottles of delicious moonshine, as well as bright numbers for your chance to clean out and leave for greener pastures.


Moonshine Slot MachineHave a hillbilly-style party with this fun and funky online slot machine.

Five reels and five paylines packed with nutritious snacks like mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, mystery meat and tins of sardines, as well as partying yokels in all states of disarray, are guaranteed to shout you a great and wild night.

The Moonshine online slots feature free spin options, a wild, a scatter and a chance to quadruple your winnings in the blink of an eye.

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