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Las Vegas, Nevada, is without argument the home of modern day gambling; and it is infamous for its slot machines. The slot machine has become inextricably linked to the Las Vegas culture of gaming.

At the mere mention of slot machines most people will think of the vast slot machine areas that can be found at every Las Vegas Casino. Everyone knows that there are a lot of slot machines in Vegas. A fact that not many people are aware of is that the Las Vegas Slots are classed as their own slot machine category. Although they might work identical to all other slot machines when it comes to playing them, the Las Vegas Slots - their designs, themes and individual quirks - cannot be found in slot machines outside of Las Vegas.

However, more and more online casinos are offering Las Vegas style internet slot machines, allowing you to bring some of the big-time Vegas excitement into the privacy of your own home.

Check out our selected top online slots, you might just find a new favourite:

Las Vegas style slot machinesOne telling difference between Las Vegas' attitude to slot machines and that of the 'outside world' is that the classic three-reel slots are still enjoying great popularity in the gaming halls of this gaming oasis. While most land-based and online casinos have long moved on to slot machines sporting at least five reels, Las Vegas is embracing the three-reel machine wholeheartedly.

One plausible reason for the persistence of the three-reel slot machine in the gambling capital of the world is their simplicity. A gaming novice, for example, will feel more comfortable at a simple three-reel slot machine than he would faced with a highly complex, even slightly convoluted, five-, ten- or even twenty-reel slot machine.

While Las Vegas game rooms try to maintain classic slot machines, they are not completely opposed to moving with the times. More and more slot machines in Las Vegas with modern themes - from comic books to films to popular brand names - are making their way into the casinos. These machines are attracting very specific players individually, but the themes are so widely varied that there will literally be a machine for everyone's pop cultural preference.

Currently there are more and more Las Vegas slots created at online casinos every day. With their colourful designs, flashing lights and sometimes even live casino game room background rumble, these internet slot machines offer all the allure of the big Vegas casinos. Whether you are after the classic three-reel slots or prefer to live it up with as more reels, brighter colours and more modern themes - there is an online slot machine for every taste. Easy to use and offering great variety, the internet slot machines at online casinos are skyrocketing in popularity and can bring a little of that Las Vegas glamour into your own living room.

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