Jokers Wild - Video Poker

In contrast to the majority of other video poker variations, Jokers Wild is played with a 53-card deck. The additional card, a Joker, is wild and can be implemented as any standard card in order to complete a winning combination.

There are three different versions of Jokers Wild that you will find at online casinos, although one in particular is the best. If you can find it, Kings or Better is the ideal Jokers Wild game to play, as it requires the lowest winning combination to earn a payout. The others include Aces or Better and Two Pair or Better, which offer a lower winning percentage.

Fans of video poker strategy would do well to stick with the general rule of playing for Four of a Kind combinations, as you can win a payout on not just Four of a Kinds, but Five of a Kinds as well when landing the Joker.

Jokers Wild is an interesting form of video poker, if only for the fact that the Joker is often a welcome addition to any hand, especially when playing for a lucrative Five of a Kind. You can find Jokers Wild at a range of online casinos right here.

Where to Play Jokers Wild

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