Blackjack Splitting / Resplitting

Splitting and resplitting are both important options in the game of blackjack, but depending on which version you choose to play there will be different rules associated with each action. For instance, while some variations will offer splits, resplits, doubling after splits, split Aces, etc. others will simply restrict all splitting to just once per hand.

In most cases however, splitting is made available to players for more than one use. Standard online casino blackjack games will offer resplits up to four hands, while others have been known to allow resplitting on an unlimited number of hands.

Each time a split or resplit is made, another bet equal to the original wager is placed with the second blackjack hand. Depending on which version you are playing - and how many chips you have - you can end up with quite a lucrative selection of hands if the cards play in your favor.

An important point to note about splitting however is that Aces play by different rules than other cards. Where most casinos will allow you to split, say, a pair of 9s on numerous occasions, an Ace may only be split once - and sometimes never. There are many variants of the splitting/resplitting rule, so it is best to know the rules of your chosen blackjack game before attempting to split your pairs.

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