Chemin De Fer Baccarat

While not as popular as Punto Banco in North America and Australia, Chemin de Fer is the variation of baccarat you are most like to find at French casinos. The game is known as the original version that was introduced to France, and still maintains a large fan base in Europe.

The name Chemin de Fer refers to the fact that the playing cards were originally held in an iron box (with Chemin de Fer translating to "iron road"). Unlike Punto Banco, you will often only find this version of baccarat incorporating six decks of cards into a game, rather than the possibility of eight.

The major difference between this game and the popular Las Vegas baccarat is the omission of the house taking part. The dealer is simply used for cards and payouts, while the players compete against one another. Players will find that the casino often takes around 5% of all banker winnings in order to maintain a profit.

Another distinct difference with this version of baccarat is the way that the players and banker are sorted. There can only be one "banker" each round, with the other participants all being recognized as "players"; these roles change as the game progresses.

If you are able to find an online casino that offers Chemin de Fer, you will be privy to both a complex and rewarding game. A master of Chemin de Fer has the potential to earn big winnings if they understand how to read the cards and nuances of fellow players.

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