Aces & Eights - Video Poker

Aces & Eights Fans of Jacks or Better will enjoy Aces & Eights thanks to the games sharing several similarities. The game offers a number of special payouts, and you will be able to find it in both single and multi-hand format.

Four of a kinds are your best bet for mega winnings in Aces & Eights, as players receive exceptional payouts when landing Aces Four of a Kind and Eights Four of a Kind. Stick to the Four of a Kinds in this game, as the Straight Flushes (which are worth upwards of 200x in other variations) only payout 50x your bet. It's best to play for the Four of a Kinds in order to earn big winnings.

Similar to Jacks or Better, there are no wildcards in this game; players also receive low-end payouts, so you will continually receive payouts on anything better than a pair of Jacks.

One more reason to enjoy Aces & Eights is the excellent payout percentage you are privy to. The full pay version reaches around 99.78%, which is extremely high in comparison to other video poker variations. You can find out where to play Aces & Eights in our online casino reviews section.

Where to Play Aces & Eights

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