Online Gambling Explained

Online GamblingA quick explantion of online gambling, would be that it is "any activity that where a person uses the internet to place a bet or gamble online".

The history of online gambling shows that it is a relatively new leisure pursuit, with the very first online gambling websites being launched in the mid 1990s.

Since that time the online gambling experience has been refined dramatically.

Gone are the clunky casino games with poor graphics and frequent connection problems. Online Gambling websites are now slick enterainment portals, endorsed by celebrities, and patronised by a broad selection of the population. Although the main target demographic will probably always be males aged 21-50, women are becoming increasingly aware of the enjoyment online gaming can provide, especially when playing games like bingo, poker & slots.

These days you can play virtually any game you can imagine for real money- or bet on any real world event. From sporting contests to elections, reality television and even the weather! If you can predict a result - you can bet on it!

Fairness, Security & RNGs

Game fairness and the security of your personal information are such important issues when gambling online, that we have devoted an entire page to discussing the modern day precautions and security procedures that online gambling websites utilize and explain how we approve the sites featured on

The way in which online gambling website software works is also explained on our Random Number Generator page. Even if you're not very good with math, you should be able to understand our simple explanation. Randomness can be a tough concept to fathom sometimes!

Payment Methods

One thing that many people new to online gambling find challenging is the need for different payment methods and processors to move your money between gambling sites and your bank accounts.

Fraud has been an ever increasing problem on the internet, not just within the online gambling industry. By utilizing the services of third party payment processors, you are ensuring that your credit card or banking information is always secure.

Online Gambling Tips

We've been meaning to write an easy list of online gambling tips, but we haven't got around to writing them yet. So in the meantime, why don't you check out our online casino reviews to find the most safe and best asino to play at.

Just remember that by choosing only brands that are advertised here at you will be well on the way to keeping your experience easy, safe and fun!

Last updated, November 20 2009.